Technical assistance

Technical assistance

Terms and conditions Technical Assistance

1. The equipment delivered presents one or more faults and is intended for diagnosis for quotation and, if applicable, for respective maintenance. If the equipment has been subject to unauthorized intervention, we are not responsible if other damage occurs to the equipment during any intervention.

3. The customer must declare any repairs that the equipment has previously been subject to, which could potentially make authorized repairs impossible.

4. If your equipment is considered vintage and/or obsolete by Apple, and there are no replacement/repair modules, in order to carry out the requested intervention, we cannot be held responsible if during the same intervention the equipment suffers any damage that requires replacement of some component. Therefore, the intervention will only be carried out if the client expressly accepts these intervention conditions.

5. The Assistance Center, or the store that received the equipment, does not guarantee the availability of temporary equipment during the technical intervention.

6. The Assistance Center, or the store that received the equipment, is not responsible for the data contained in the equipment, both in its form and content, leaving the responsibility for a backup copy in the care of the customer .

7. If the diagnosis detects that the equipment cannot be repaired by the Assistance Center (see points 3), the equipment is returned to the customer and its return is subject to payment of the diagnostic cost.

8. The diagnostic cost for equipment not covered by the Apple warranty is €40 (includes VAT) for iPhone, iPod and iPad and €80 (includes VAT) for MacBook, Pro and Air, Mac mini, Pro, iMac and iMac Pro. If the amount quoted for the repair is equal to the diagnostic amount, it is automatically assumed that the quote is accepted by the customer and the repair is carried out.

9. If the amount quoted for the repair is higher than the cost of the diagnosis and is not accepted by the customer, the equipment is returned to the customer and its return is subject to payment of that same cost.

10. When paying, checks are not accepted.

11. The equipment will be considered abandoned and treated as such if it is not claimed within 3 months after the repair is completed and after the last notice of collection.

12. The exchange equipment that Apple guarantees will be new or equivalent to new in terms of quality and performance and is covered by a new warranty in accordance with current law (for more information, see ).

13. Apple's warranty only covers manufacturing defects in the brand's own hardware that are detected within the period of time defined by law so that it can be activated.

14. It is mandatory to present a document proving the purchase (invoice, sale, ...) for guarantee purposes. This document will ALWAYS be the original equipment purchase document and not an invoice for a repair of the equipment.

15. Parts and/or other components replaced in repair are for return to Apple under the existing contract; If the customer intends to keep damaged parts, there will be a surcharge corresponding to the total value of the part and this must be informed to us when authorizing the technical intervention.

16. I declare that I give express consent to iPremium® to collect, store and process my data for internal purposes of monitoring ongoing processes, as well as brand communication campaigns.

At no time does iPremium transfer all or part of its customers' data to third parties.

I may, at any time, withdraw or change my declarations of consent submitted to iPremium, with effect for the future. After I completely withdraw my declarations of consent, I will no longer receive Marketing Communications. Through the communication channels with iPremium® I can also request information about my stored data, as well as its rectification or blocking. Additional details about the processing of my personal data by iPremium and my rights are available online in the iPremium® privacy policy.

17. It is the customer's responsibility to change all passwords and codes given to iPremium® , after delivery of the equipment.

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